Museum Prinsenhof


Terms and conditions


  • Tickets bought online and unused can be refunded after purchase. The purchase price will be reimbursed within 14 days to the bank account used for purchase. Please use the refund form, for this purpose; contact us by phone at +31(0)15 260 23 58 on weekdays between 9.00 and 17.00 or via email at [email protected].
  • It is not possible to order or reserve tickets by phone.
  • You will only be admitted to the museum with a valid ticket and, if relevant, the required reduced price pass or voucher.
  • An admission ticket is valid up to a year after purchase.


  • Your email address will be used to send you the ticket(s) you have purchased online.
  • If you subscribed to the digital newsletter, your data will be recorded. You can unsubscribe at any time.
  • Information necessary and/or relevant to your visit, concerning, for example, an emergency, will be sent to you by email.

House Rules at the Museum Prinsenhof Delft

  • Smoking is not allowed anywhere in the museum.
  • The museum complex is not equipped with an elevator and there are many stairs, and steps up and down. If you are dependent on a wheelchair, the museum is unfortunately not (yet) accessible to you. If you use a rollator or similar aid, you must be capable of going up and down the stairs, possibly with the help of your assistant(s). (NB Wheelchair users can leave their wheelchair at the cloakroom, or use it as an aid to walking or to rest on. You, or your assistant(s), must, however, be able to take it up and down the stairs.)
  • Pets are not allowed in the museum. Assistance dogs are welcome.
  • For your coat and bag you can make use of our cloakroom and a free locker. Wet coats and bags larger than 40x30x15 cm cannot be taken into the museum.
  • In order to prevent damage to the collection, prams, strollers and child carrier backpacks are not allowed in the exhibition rooms. They can be left at the entrance.
  • Food and drink cannot be taken into the museum. Enjoy your sandwich outside the museum or purchase something tasty at the museum café.
  • Art objects are damaged with every touch, even if the damage is not always immediately visible. Art objects may not, therefore, be touched. Young children should be carefully supervised.
  • Do not disturb others with mobile phones or selfie sticks.
  • You are only allowed to take pictures or produce films using lights, flash devices or tripods with the museum's written permission.
  • In case of evacuation due to an emergency, follow the instructions of security staff, museum staff, firefighters or police!
  • If you wish to write or draw during a visit to the museum, pencils and clipboards can be borrowed at the entrance desk. Writing materials should not be placed on exhibition objects, displays or the walls of the museum. Sitting on the floor is allowed provided other visitors are not hindered.
  • The museum staff guards your safety and that of our collection. In case of an emergency, always obey the instructions of museum staff, security staff and emergency services.
  • Teachers and/or group guides are responsible and can be held accountable for the behaviour of the members of their group.
  • In all areas of the museum, you are present at your own risk.