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The Museum Prinsenhof Delft offers a unique opportunity to explore the history of the Netherlands, Delft and delftware. The museum is housed in a building of great historical importance, the site of some of the most dramatic and consequential events of Dutch history. It was once the court of William of Orange, the Father of the Dutch Nation. In the museum you will also discover the role the citizens of Delft played in the history of the Netherlands and how delftware became the global brand it is today.

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What we now know as delftware was first produced in the early seventeenth century in response to the immense popularity of the Chinese blue and white porcelain that Dutch traders were importing. Thanks to the Dutch entrepreneurial spirit, this 'imitation porcelain' was developed so successfully in Delft that it gained an independent status and market, and became a global icon. Learn more about the secrets of this success while admiring some unique and very beautiful delftware masterpieces.

The citizens of Delft have played a leading role in the history of the Netherlands. Find out more about famous residents like the painters Johannes Vermeer and Michiel van Mierevelt, the scientist Anthonie van Leeuwenhoek and the jurist and philosopher Hugo de Groot. Discover how their ideas, insights and creativity changed the Netherlands and the world.

One of the most important events in Dutch history took place at the Prinsenhof: the assassination of William of Orange, the forefather of the present king of the Netherlands, King Willem-Alexander. Learn about the life of William of Orange, his dramatic death and his legacy. Visit the 'scene of the crime', where the bullet holes can still be seen in the wall, have a look at a 'who's who' in the royal family and find out just how much influence the Founding Father still has in the Netherlands today.

Exhibition: William the Silent is here!

19 October 2018 until 3 March 2019

In the early days of the Eighty Years’ War, crucial events took place in the building that now houses the Museum Prinsenhof Delft. As leader of the Dutch Revolt, William organised the resistance against Spanish rule in the Netherlands from Delft. When the Spanish king Philip II put a price on his head and accused him of disloyalty, the prince wrote his famous defence, the Apology, here. On 10 July 1584, Prince William the silent was murdered by Balthasar Gérard in Prinsenhof. The political murder is not, however, the only thing that took place here. William’s daughter Louise Juliana and his son and successor Frederick Henry were both born in Prinsenhof.

The call for freedom of worship and of conscience, constituting the central theme of the Apology, is once again relevant. Time, then, for a new exhibition on the political and private life of William the Silent.


Expected exhibitions

MOJO Backstage (12-04-2019 until 01-09-2019)

Foto voor MOJO Backstage

Pieter de Hooch in Delft - From the shadow of Vermeer (11-10-2019 - 16-02-2020)

1. Pieter de Hooch The Courtyard of a House in Delft

Press information - Pieter de Hooch in Delft

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Audio guides and guided tours of the Museum Prinsenhof Delft are available. Combined guided tours to the Museum Prinsenhof Delft, the New Church and the Medieval Prison in the City Hall can also be arranged.

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During a guided tour you will be introduced to the museum's remarkable past. The Museum Prinsenhof Delft offers a variety of tours, according to your interests. Together with friends, colleagues or family, or on your own, you will gain new insights on the objects in the collection and see them in a new light.

Guided tours are available in different languages: Dutch, English, German, French and Italian.
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The museum shop offers a wide range of souvenirs, books, luxury articles and modern Dutch design.

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Our museum cafe is located in the entrance hall and has a terrace in the beautiful garden of the museum. We serve sandwiches, specialty pastries, coffee, tea, wine, beer and other drinks.

Visiting Delft?

Besides the Prinsenhof Museum, Delft has a lot to offer! The city is well-known for its ties with the Dutch Royal family and the famous painter Vermeer. Delft is also world renowned for its Delft Blue earthenware and its lovely canals. In the beautifully preserved historic centre of Delft you will have a great experience with the rich history of the city. A city of great charm with the best Holland has to offer. Delft is an absolute 'must-see' during your visit to the Netherlands. Check out to plan your stay in Delft. Enjoy!

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